Kenmore Blog is to be an interactive community forum about all things Kenmore and beyond. Just to be clear, I mean the city located at the North end of Lake Washington near Seattle not the well-known appliances. Kenmore the city, has a rich history and I believe a great future. It is a dynamic time of change for the community and I think the new happenings are worthy of writing about in an interactive format such as a blog.

I have lived in Kenmore since 1991, my husband grew up in Kenmore, attended local schools and graduated from Inglemoor High School in 1968. We have two of our offspring currently living with us in our home. My mother also lives in an apartment in Kenmore and is an active supporter of the Kenmore Library. Since 2006 I have been a member of the Kenmore City Council which means not only do I get to attend a lot of meetings, but I also have a rather unique window into city happenings. Often I am asked by friends and neighbors about what is going on with this or that and I sometimes I don’t know the answer right away, but I enjoy attempting to find out the information. My goal for this blog is to involve more people in the conversation about what is happening in Kenmore.

Please Note: Kenmoreblog.net is my personal attempt to communicate about Kenmore goings on and invite others to join the conversation, Kenmoreblog.net is not sponsored by or affiliated with the city of Kenmore.

Tech Support

This blog would not be possible without the technological support of John Hieber.
I appreciate his patience and help as each step seems to have some little techno trick that I need help overcoming.
John also is professional photographer and contributes many of the photos you see in the blog.
Photographica by John C. Hieber


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  1. I discovered this blog while searching for an obituary for Jack Crawford, and found it fitting to add the article about Mr Crawford’s passing to the Kenmore Heritage Society website which I edit. I have known Jack for many years, and will greatly miss his friendship and leadership.

    We will add a link to kenmoreblog.net to the Kenmore Heritage website.