Kenmore’s History


Kenmore’s history started in 1901 when John and Anne McMaster came and made a shingle company and christened the land around the company Kenmore. An interesting side note is that Kenmore’s name is third-hand. It was passed down from the Scottish city of Kenmore to Kenmore, Ontario, which was John McMaster’s hometown. During the Probation Era Kenmore quickly became famous for its underground drinking clubs also known as speakeasys. One of them was The Blind Pig [a reference to the police], which was close to the lakeside so the booze could be dumped if needed. Another speakeasy was The Bucket Of Blood, an infamous fighting club. During World War II Kenmore had US army Nike Hercules missile batteries. These were nuclear-topped missiles and were stored in Nike Hill; the missiles were removed in 1974. The military had a sea base, which became Kenmore Air
Uplake’s first lots were sold in 1954. Housing development in Kenmore continued for several decades after that. The new building brought along a new store The Jewel Box, in downtown Kenmore moved from Seattle Center to Kenmore at the end of the Seattle Worlds Fair at the end of October, 1962. The oldest roads in Kenmore were as follows Cat Whiskers Road (61st Avenue NE), Squire Boulevard (Red Brick Road Now Bothell Way/SR 522), and Remington Drive (NE 181st street).
By Thomas,

Grade 7

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